Zach Randolph has been a pillar in the post for the Grizzlies over the past two seasons. Now, the gutsy power forward seems closer to cementing his place in Memphis for several years to come. The Griz initiated and held serious contract negotiations with Randolph over the past week, and both sides continue to discuss the framework of a four-year deal that could be finalized soon. Randolph's agent, Raymond Brothers, and Griz general manager Chris Wallace confirmed that they have been involved in constructive talks after months of inactivity. "I think they're serious," Brothers said of the Grizzlies' intent to sign Randolph. "I'm optimistic we'll get something done." Memphis, which hosts Utah tonight, is holding on to a playoff seed this late in the season for the first time since 2006 in large part due to Randolph's strong and consistent play. This is also the first time since the regular season began that the Griz and Randolph's camp have held concrete discussions about a contract extension. The Griz presented an offer that Brothers deemed a good starting point but the financial package is not known. Randolph, 29, is earning $17.3 million this season in what is the final year of a six-year deal he originally signed with Portland. It is believed that Randolph has relaxed his initial demand for an extension similar to the three-year, $65 million deal Pau Gasol signed with the Los Angeles Lakers last summer.