The Lakers gave out gas cards, fast-food coupons and casino getaways on fan appreciation night. They couldn't give their fans a victory, much like the rest of the season. The Memphis Grizzlies needed a win to help stay in playoff contention and got it, 102-90, Sunday at Staples Center. The Lakers (25-55) added to their most losses ever and finished 14-27 at home, their worst home record in 66 seasons of the franchise's existence. There wasn't much to report on the court — Jodie Meeks had 20 points, Wesley Johnson a career-high 15 rebounds — but one of the draft's top projected picks, Kansas center Joel Embiid, watched from a courtside seat across from the Lakers' bench. He wore a Jayhawks cap Sunday and not much of a facial expression. His father, Thomas, sat next to him, thumbing through a Lakers magazine while wearing a Minnesota Timberwolves cap. Embiid stayed for all of Sunday's game, unlike many Lakers fans. Nobody recognized him as he went up and down the stairs at halftime for a brief trip to the concourse. That would change quickly if the Lakers somehow ended up with him. They would need significant help on lottery day (May 20). They are tied for the NBA's fifth-worst record, good for only an 8.8% chance at the top pick if they stay in a tie with Boston and win a coin flip. The Lakers had a handful of good victories this season — the Clippers on opening night, at Houston, at Portland, at home against Oklahoma City — but the two victories that could haunt them came against their bitter rival. The Lakers swept Boston, typically a reason to feel good about the franchise, though they'd have the fifth-worst record all to themselves if not for those victories.