With Game 7 against the Thunder just a few hours away, Mike Conley reiterated his belief that he can contribute Saturday night despite his injured right hamstring. “The pain is still there,” Conley said, “but nothing I can’t play through, I think.” Conley spoke briefly with reporters at Saturday morning’s shootaround, and the bulk of the questions he faced were about the status of the hamstring he injured in the third quarter of a Game 6 loss to Oklahoma City. The plan for tonight, he said, remains the same as yesterday: He will give it everything he has until the leg won’t let him give anymore. “I just want to go out there and give what I got for my team, whatever that is,” Conley said. “I’ll go as hard as I can for as long as I can and just see what we can do.” The injury is a tricky one, head coach Dave Joerger said, because the pain remains even after the hamstring is loosened up. And though Conley said it feels a bit better this morning in terms of mobility, he reiterated that the pain has not subsided since yesterday.