Chandler Parsons walked in, sat down and talked about the hard lesson he learned last season. “I definitely won’t go to Mexico All-Star weekend,” he said. So Parsons’ sense of humor is healthy, anyway. Let’s hope the same can be said of his knees. The man with the $94 million contract is back for a second season. The Grizzlies still are hoping to get their money’s worth. For all the new questions surrounding the Grizzlies this year, it’s an old question that might well determine whether the team can make the playoffs for an eighth consecutive season: Will Parsons ever resemble the player the front office hoped he would be? If he’s good for 15 points a game and 60 games or more, put me down for another trip to the postseason. If he’s not, put me down for a trip to the lottery and a major roster overhaul when the year is done.