Several Washington Redskins players said Wednesday they never had any doubts that quarterback Robert Griffin III would be in the team’s lineup for Monday night’s season opener. Coach Mike Shanahan did not officially name Griffin the starter for the opener until Monday a week before the game. But Griffin’s teammates said they’d been convinced long before that Griffin would return from his knee surgery in January in time to face the Philadelphia Eagles. “I don’t think we were thinking about it” defensive tackle Barry Cofield said. “I think we were pretty confident. We knew how much work he put in over the offseason. It would have been a shock to us if he wasn’t out there Week 1 just because of the hours that he put in in the training room and how hard he worked and the type of athlete he is. “There’s no mistake to me that a guy like Adrian Peterson who’s a freak of nature would heal faster than the average guy and a guy like a Robert Griffin would heal faster than the average man. I mean they’re faster and they’re stronger than the average man. So why wouldn’t they heal faster? So it’s not a shock and it’s great to have him back. It’s great that he has that burden off of him. Hopefully he won’t be on all the news cycle and every six minutes you won’t see Robert Robert Robert. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that and we’d like to see some other guys up there too. It’s a great thing and we’re all excited for him.”