Atletico Madrid's season could be as good as over before Diego Costa has kicked a ball if they lose to Real Madrid this Saturday. They are relying on Antoine Griezmann to make sure that is not the case. Lose the Madrid derby and they could be as many as 11 points off the lead. Fail to beat Roma three days later and they will be out of the Champions League too. Supporters can't wait to see Costa and Griezmann play together but they'll be trying to win Atletico the Europa League and the Copa del Rey if things do not pick up soon in the two competitions that really matter. Costa can't be blamed. He's been suffering under the whip of Atletico's fitness coach Oscar Ortega ever since he signed from Chelsea. He's banned from being registered for games until January. Griezmann has been on the pitch, although some Atletico supporters say he's been hard to spot, even with that shock of bottle blond hair. He's now gone seven games without scoring – this is his worst period of form since he joined. He has never mattered more to the team, and yet never come up so short. Some supporters have turned on him. Not because the goals have dried up, more because they believe he is off in the summer, and that his head is already somewhere else.