Zack Greinke faced a jury of his peers for the first time since March 1 and reached an easy verdict. "A lot needs to be improved," the Dodgers right-hander said after giving up five runs on six hits and walking the only three batters he faced in the fourth inning of an 8-2 loss to the Kansas City Royals on Monday night. "It tells me I've got some work to do. I need to build up some arm strength and fine-tune my off-speed (pitches)." It was the first time Greinke faced major-league hitters since inflammation in his elbow (and a bout with the flu) forced him to skip three starts. He pitched in a minor-league camp game last week, the first step toward getting ready for an anticipated season debut April 5 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. "My fastball wasn't great and my off-speed was below OK," Greinke said. "My changeup was good so there was one positive. "But the main thing was my off-speed was so bad they didn't even have worry about it. You can't really judge how good my fastball was because they didn't have anything else to worry about." Greinke didn't seem too worried about being ready for the start of the season. He threw 64 pitches Monday, though only 40 for strikes, and is scheduled to make one more start before opening day – Saturday in Anaheim against the Angels, where the pitch count will be stretched to approximately 75. "If my arm strength is there, I can make it work," Greinke said of being ready for April 5. "I should be (ready). I think so."