During last season's run to the Stanley Cup Final Bruins forward Gregory Campbell was made into a national name for a couple of days as people marveled at his fortitude in finishing out a shift after suffering a broken leg when blocking a shot. The act was sensationalized and commemorated Campbell himself was almost canonized the celebration of his act was so widespread. Of course it also meant that Campbell was done for the remainder of the playoffs and as he was so quick to point out it was something any other player would have done as well. That didn't stop the admiration of the play and people seeking Campbell's autograph on photos of that broken leg. At first Campbell was willing to sign them but no more as he told DJ Bean of WEEI.com. "I'd rather get attention by helping the team win and raising the Cup rather than getting hurt and breaking my leg" he said Thursday night hours after participating in captains practice for the first time. "… For me it was more of a discouraging moment that I had to overcome." In fact Campbell felt so uneasy about the celebrity that accompanied his injury that he decided this summer to not sign any autographs on the image. Fliers for an autograph signing in Braintree last month even included a message: "Please note: Campbell will not sign any photos related to his injury." "I did a few and then I started thinking about it. I don't want to glorify it" Campbell said. "It's over. The play's over and I want to move on and focus on what's really important -- that's playing. I don't want to make something out of that play and make it into something bigger than it was. It was a blocked shot that happens countless times in a game and series and things like that so I was just trying to do what I had to do to help this team."