Jason McCourty let us in on a little secret the other day. He confirmed that Titans cornerbacks are lining up in tight coverage during mini-camp workouts. “The corners are up there pressing the receivers more,” he said. “We’re going to be getting after the quarterback.” It’s not like we’re alerting the competition here. The instant the word got out that the Titans were hiring Gregg Williams, the rest of the NFL took notice. The coaching staffs of the teams on the Titans’ schedule knew they would be facing a more aggressive defensive style and began to plan accordingly. Pressure defense is in Williams’ DNA. It has been his calling card at six different coaching stops in the NFL (including twice with the Titans) over a 22-year career. He prefers to dictate what the offense does, not vice versa. He is proactive, not reactive. Time will tell if this change in approach will fix a defense that was easy pickings last season. One of the biggest digs against the Titans over the last handful of years is the lack of a pass rush and failure to lock down receivers in key situations. Because of personnel shortcomings and questionable strategy the defense bent and broke. Via free agency and the draft, the depth chart has gotten a needed facelift. But the biggest acquisition is Williams, who spent last season in NFL purgatory for his role in Bountygate but now is back in the game. Much has been made about the interaction of Williams, who carries the title senior assistant/defense, and Jerry Gray, the defensive coordinator. From the look and sound of things on Friday when the media got its first look at offseason workouts, Williams clearly is asserting himself. He and Gray have extensive history of working together and appear to be on the same page.