The weekend is a perfect time to catch up on the “Season Ticket” podcast. One of the greatest coaches in NBA history always wants to address the media in Boston in the same spot, in front of the John Havlicek photo on the wall outside the locker rooms at TD Garden. Gregg Popovich has a photo of Havlicek in his San Antonio office and greatly admires the Celtics legend. “That’s the only picture in my office,” Popovich said. “I don’t think he thinks a lot about what I think. He’s John Havlicek.” And there was more from Popovich during last week’s visit, such as when he was asked what he thought of the Celtics after watching them on tape. “I haven’t watched them,” Popovich said. “Have you watched my team? You think I have a enough work to do right there? So now I’ve got to [study] two teams? I’m not that good.” Popovich talked about Manu Ginobili, in his 16th NBA season at age 40. Ginobili and Tony Parker are the last remaining Spurs that helped them become perennial title contenders. “He’s been an ultimate warrior,” Popovich said of Ginobili. “He’s been a winner in a lot of different ways in a lot of places. And for us, he’s like the fiber, the backbone, and the spirit of the team along with Patty Mills, Tony, and Timmy [Duncan]. He’s like a pacifier. Kids look for their pacifier and I look for mine, and when I see him in the gym I feel better.” Dealing with Ginobili hasn’t always been easy, especially in the early days.