Coach Greg Schiano insists his Tampa Bay Buccaneers play by the rules. Responding to a report that Tampa's offseason team activities have been marred by on-field contact -- in direct violation of the collective bargaining agreement -- Schiano told reporters Wednesday that his practices have stuck to the guidelines "99.9 percent" of the time. "It's real clear, the league has made it very clear, what you can and can't do," Schiano said in a one-on-one interview with NFL Network's Rich Hollenberg. "They've made videos available to us, they showed us at the owners meetings, so I don't think it's real complicated. And I think our guys do a good job of it. We're going to stay on the edges of people; we're going to put our hands on 'em; keep our headgear, our shoulders out of it. Because that's really where you get bumped. As you approach the ball-carrier, you tag off." Schiano acknowledged that a fight last week between rookie defensive end Akeem Spence and center Jeremy Zuttah boiled over into a brawl in practice, but said his staff has repeatedly addressed the no-contact rules with Bucs players. "We had one incident at the beginning, the first day, where a rookie kind of got a little overzealous with a veteran, and the vet fixed it the wrong way," Schiano said. "They got into a little scuffle, but other than that, I feel confident that we're doing things the way the league would want."