With the mobile quarterback trend upon us in the NFL, the Raiders' version is getting more attention than ever before. He was already seen as the great hope for the Raiders at the quarterback position among many fans. And see the success of other mobile quarterbacks has strengthened that feeling. One such quarterback who Pryor has drawn comparisons is Colin Kaepernick. Mainly because he is the hottest name out there. Olson responded to the comparison. "We'd like to find that out," said Olson of Pryor. "What's different about Kaepernick is certainly that they feel great about him in all areas of the game. They feel great about him as a passer. So he's a guy that plays full time. It's not as if they bring him in for a package or a play or two... If you have a guy that can stay there and play 65 plays a game and do those things and also be able to throw the ball from point A to point B accurately, if he possesses those skills as well, then you certainly have something. So that's what we'll have to find out with Terrelle Pryor. We know what kind of an athlete he is. We need to find out what kind of decision maker he is, and we need to find out if he's a guy that can also sit in the pocket and deliver the ball from point A to point B accurately and on time and making the right decisions. That above all else becomes most important. Can he make good decisions and is he accurate as a passer?"