Andre Jeanbart kept hovering back to the table of souvenirs. Over and over again, he wrote down his name at the Los Angeles Coliseum. He was making his mark on the silent auction, bidding for a lunch with Kevin Demoff. Finally, after his fourth try, his competitor patted him on the back and walked away. So, why did this 43-year-old dentist from Westlake Village decide to shell out $1,550 for a meal with the Rams chief operating officer? “Hopefully, we get them to change these jerseys,” he said, referring to the classic blue and yellow color scheme the team has yet to adopt full time. Jeanbart has been a Rams fan since he was a kid growing up in the San Fernando Valley. (“Ever since I knew football,” he said.) He thinks back fondly to Jim Everett’s touchdown passes. He grimaces at the mention of Georgia Frontiere. And he has long advocated for the franchise’s return, one he celebrated in January by jumping up and down in front of his television.