One of the advantages of not rushing into anything is that you have a chance to sample everything once the initial feeding frenzy is over. That, in an essence, is what the Green Bay Packers are doing in free agency. Over the first 24 hours of the new NFL year, the Packers kept tabs on a couple of players they would sign for the right price and refused to compromise on their dollar value assessment. As a result, they sit in a fairly comfortable position regarding a pair of free agents they appear more than willing to add or pass on. The complicated part is that the fates of receiver Greg Jennings and running back Steven Jackson are woven together because they affect the offense in different ways and have the same representative. In both cases, agent Eugene Parker is trying to do the best he can for two aging but still potentially productive players for whom there is only a limited market. The Packers have been silent lately, but their interest in re-signing Jennings, 29, at the right price has been evident, both through comments from general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy at the scouting combine and sources within the organization. The pursuit of Jackson has drawn the most interest from fans and media, but there is some question whether Parker is trying to drive up the price by pitting the Packers against another team, believed to be the Atlanta Falcons.