It was a whirlwind at first, moving to a new team, a new city, learning a new set of plays, all as a demanding fan base showed its skepticism. Jeff Green's life changed. His role changed. He was asked to be a different player, to provide energy off the bench, to fill a void the Celtics thought they had as they marched down the stretch to the postseason. It wasn't always simple. It certainly wasn't smooth. And now, with a difficult second-round matchup against the Heat looming, Green will have to prove that he can do more than he did in the first round against the Knicks — that he can justify the trade that brought him into a sometimes uneasy situation in Boston. "It was tough at first,'' said Green, who went from playing 37 minutes per game with Oklahoma City to coming off the bench in Boston. "It was like being in a tornado. "So much is thrown at you, you're going in circles, so much stuff coming at you in a period of time. It's tough. But the team here helped me along the way. I made some mistakes, but they helped me out.'' Now it's his turn to help them out. "It's important to try to come off the bench and bring that energy right away,'' Green said. "[The starters] do such a great job with getting the team started. It would be a tough position to come out lackadaisical and let the team back in. So I try to do the best I can to try to continue the success that the first unit has brought to the table.''