Danny Green drilled six more 3-pointers in Game 5, giving him 25 in the Finals to break Ray Allen’s record for most makes from beyond the arc in a championship series. It’s been a remarkable performance from the former D-Leaguer, who was cut multiple times before finally sticking with the Spurs at the end of the 2010-11 season. He’s steadily improved since then — earning a starting job, becoming one of the league’s top 3-point shooters, and now making history. Green was 6 for 10 in Game 5, and is 25 for 38 in the series. You can view every 3 he’s made in the Finals at NBA.com. Allen held the previous record for the Finals and a six-game playoff series (shared by Jason Richardson) with 22. Game 6 has yet to be played, and he’s already broke the latter mark as well. With at least one more game to play — Game 6 is Tuesday in Miami — Green is approaching the top 3-point shooting performances of all time: 28 – Dennis Scott, Orlando vs. Indiana, 1995 (43.1 percent) 28 – Ray Allen, Milwaukee vs. Philadelphia, 2001 (50.9) 27 – Ray Allen, Boston vs. Chicago, 2009 (46.6) Scott shot 43.1 percent in his series, while Allen shot 50.9 and 46.6 percent, respectively. In contrast, Green is shooting 65.8 percent. The NBA record for a six-game series is 68.0 (Steven Jackson, Spurs vs. Oklahoma City, 2012), and 66.7 for a seven-game series (Gordon Giricek, Utah vs. Houston, 2007).