Memphis Grizzlies guard Grayson Allen was ejected for channeling the Duke version of himself that made him a polarized college basketball figure. 

In a summer league game against the Boston Celtics, Allen got entangled with Celtics rookie Grant Williams and forcefully pushed him off of a backscreen to draw his first flagrant foul. Then, on the next play, Allen got lost on defense and tried to recover by making another unsafe play. As Williams went up for a lay-up off a pass from Tremont Wate, Allen swiped to make a play on the ball. Video replay showed his entire elbow decking Williams in the head as a result. Williams went at Allen before laughing it off. 

ESPN broadcaster Dan Dakich didn't hold back with his criticism. "Duke defended him ad nauseam, enabled him. Now it just continues," Dakich said. "Truthfully it's just exhausting. If he were this tough, grind-it-out, fighting guy, you'd say, alright. But he just stays around the perimeter avoids contact and then does stuff like that."