The first thing I would point out is that Mr. Lowe's piece is largely in line with what the writers and commenters of Fear the Sword have seen in the young rebuilding process. There are no easy answers, no one is happy, three years of abysmal losing is hard, and injuries seem to hammer us more than they hammer other teams. But you know what? We are still here. Coming into the season, FTS writers basically agreed that even if all the breaks went our way, this still wasn't a playoff team. The breaks have decidedly not gone our way. We are not only going to miss the playoffs, but we will compete for the top pick in the draft come June. It sucks, but everyone on this site knew that we were an injury to Kyrie Irving or Anderson Varejao from being in this position. Both have missed time, Varejao's injury being quite serious. You should all read the whole article, but I have outlined a couple interesting parts that may raise issues for discussion: And so the Cavs, less than two years after winning the no. 1 pick, have a chance to do it again, unless they use $10 million or so in present-day cap space to upgrade their current roster before the trade deadline. This is, of course, by design.