Free agency and summer trade season won’t kick into high gear in the NBA for a couple more weeks. However, the Boston Celtics unofficially tipped things off last month when new team president Brad Stevens swapped Kemba Walker for Al Horford and Moses Brown.

While Horford’s homecoming is exciting for fans — and may even help some on the court and behind the scenes — the deal was largely a cost-saving move for Boston. If Stevens and his brain trust want to improve upon last season’s woes, there’s probably more work to be done in Beantown.

But what shape or form does that work take? Will Marcus Smart finally get moved? Is Stevens dangling Jaylen Brown in hopes of landing an even bigger star to play beside Jayson Tatum? Or, is the Celtics front office aiming to improve the roster incrementally and around the margins?

Whatever the case may be, pinpointing the Celtics player that will be the next to be moved is a difficult task. However, one outlet has attempted to do just that, namechecking a certain former first-round pick.

On Sunday, Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes did his best to identify the player most likely to be traded for all of the NBA’s 30 teams. Unsurprisingly, his pick for the Philadelphia 76ers — Ben Simmons — was the clear headliner. Contrastingly, he made an under-the-radar pick for the Celtics.