Yasmani Grandal has a target. May 28. “Everything now is geared to being ready then,” the switch-hitting catcher said Sunday morning. May 28 is the first day that Grandal is eligible to play. It will be the Padres’ 51st game of the season. Grandal’s 50-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s policy prohibiting performance-enhancing drugs ends the previous day. “I will be ready to play on May 28,” said Grandal, who Saturday addressed his teammates in a closed-door meeting then read a statement to the media regarding his suspension. He will not discuss his suspension or his drug violation with the media. “Ten games in Tucson right before the suspension ends will give me more than enough time to get ready for the season.” What is interesting is Grandal is not ready to play right now. He won’t start hitting until early next week after not swinging a bat throughout the off-season.