The Utah Jazz are one game, 24-plus hours and 1,200 miles away from experiencing Jimmermania. When that moment finally arrives at EnergySolutions Arena on Saturday and Jimmer Fredette makes his highly anticipated NBA debut in his college state, the BYU star will be on the basketball court with a young man who knows what he's going through this season. Jimmer, meet Gordon Hayward. College Poster Boy 2011, introducing NCAA Tournament Darling 2010. Shake hands, play a good game and continued luck trying to live up to those high expectations based on your college achievements. "Any rookie who's drafted early is going to have those expectations," said Hayward, picked No. 9 by the Jazz in 2010. (Fredette was the No. 10 selection in '11.) "Depending on the system that they're placed in and the opportunity that they're going to get, the expectations might not always be real." Real or not, they can also be hard to live up to. But first things first. Hayward and his Jazz squad have a rematch Friday night with the Dallas Mavericks, and both the second-year small forward and Utah hope to bounce back.