Gordon Hayward had a rough birthday. And it wasn't just because he missed 9 of 10 field-goal attempts Wednesday in the Utah Jazz's 106-94 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. That didn't help things any, as you can imagine. But Hayward's birthday first hit the wrong note at shootaround. Perhaps you've heard of the Jazz's tradition of making rookies serenade teammates with the ole "Happy Birthday" song on their big days? With Hayward celebrating his arrival to the age of legality — to drink, not drive — both NBA newcomers Jeremy Evans and Derrick Favors had to sing to Hayward. But it wasn't a duet. This musical performance was done by a trio — one that included the new 21-year-old. "I had to sing 'Happy Birthday' to myself, which is awkward," Hayward said. "You should try doing it to yourself sometime. It's kind of hard to do." Hayward could've thought of a million better ways to celebrate, like perhaps with endless amounts of salad and a 21-breadstick salute at the Olive Garden. Anything but the melodic tribute he received and participated in. "It's a good birthday present," Hayward said with a heavy amount of sarcasm in his voice.