The average family of John, Jane, Sue and Joseph decides to go to the Super Bowl. Already their bank account has taken a hit for at least $2,000. And that's if they're one of the 1,000 lucky ones who can get a $500 ticket. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn't seem fazed by the prices when asked by the New York Daily News about the cost an average fan doles out for the big game. When asked if he felt the average fan was being priced out of attending the Super Bowl, Goodell suggested the $500 price point, along with the league's commitment to not allowing fans to transfer those tickets on the secondary market, has kept the game within reach for fans. Obviously, $500 is an easier buy than tickets that jump over $1,000, but that doesn't mean $500 is affordable for the average football fan. To this, Goodell gave the ultimate pick-me-up. "What’s the average fan?" Goodell told the Daily News. "We don’t have average fans. We have great fans. We have fans that are passionate." Passionate, if not rich.