The merciful end to this dreadful season will arrive just before the turn of the New Year; perhaps, then, the Indianapolis Colts can finally put the nightmare of 2017 behind them. Because 2018 can’t be worse, right? Can’t be worse than six straight losses at the end, nine in 10 games, 12 in 15. The kind of losing this city hasn’t experienced since Andrew Luck was still riding his bike around the Stanford campus, not in Europe, getting his shoulder fixed, and Peyton Manning was still recovering from neck surgery on the sideline at Lucas Oil Stadium, not retired, filming his umpteenth Papa John’s commercial. It’s also the kind of losing, hard as it is for a fan base that’s come to expect January football, that leaves this organization with a pretty appetizing reward in a few months. With Sunday’s 23-16 loss in Baltimore, the Colts will almost certainly pick no worse than third overall in next spring’s NFL Draft. And if a couple of breaks fall their way, they could climb to second. Winning by losing, the motto of the 2017 Indianapolis Colts. The end, in this instance, will justify the means. This deeply mediocre roster is littered with need. A top-three pick is certainly a start.