Through the joy of modern day technology the Falcons have put tight end Tony Gonzalez through a virtual training camp. Gonzalez was on hand for the first two days of camp but has been on family leave since. (ASIDE: I hope he has some patience with his son Nikko. That first year of footall can be pretty gruesome. Normally by the second year kids are either into it or they decide to play an instrument and join the band. So if Nikko still has his football and not a trombone next year then this was time well spent for Gonzalez and the fam. --NGYFL 2006 Instructional Coach of the Year.) He made some commitments to his family before he decided to return for a 17th season and he wanted to uphold them. Falcons coach Mike Smith is fine with the arrangement and stated that he didn’t want to give daily Gonzalez updates although Gonzalez is expected back soon. The players know that Gonzalez works harder than most of them and don't seem to question his absence. Falcons tight ends coach Chris Scelfo has been talking almost nightly to Gonzalez. “We’ve been in communications with him quite a bit with the technology that we have today its state-of-the-art” Scelfo said. “We’ll get him up to speed. We are using the iPad and we speak just about every night.” Scelfo gave us updates on the tight end group (except for Tim Biere who was recently signed): ON THE GROUP: “I really believe that every day the guys have come out and improved. That’s what we’ve asked them to do take a small step forward every day. Up to this point they have.”