Dan Uggla is less than three months into a five-years, $62 million contract — and he's not going anywhere. I normally wouldn't be passing along something that should seem obvious. But with the backdrop of Uggla's struggles, I've had so many readers ask me, "Why not just send him down to the minors?" So it seemed time to address it with someone on the Braves. I posed this question to manager Fredi Gonzalez following Thursday's win over the New York Mets: Is it too early to even consider something like sending him to Gwinnett? "We haven't reached that point," he said. "We haven't even had a conversation about that. This is the first time anybody's even mentioned it." And then this: "We're trying. He's trying. He's battling. The season's not over with." For what it's worth, even if the Braves believed that sending Uggla to Triple-A Gwinnett could help him get his confidence back, that's a move the veteran second baseman would have to sign off on.