It was set up to be a storybook finish for Gonzaga. A season finale for the preseason No. 1 Bulldogs facing preseason No. 2 Baylor, with the championship on the line. Monday night was supposed to be one last showcase en route to becoming the first undefeated men's title winner since 1976. 

Then Baylor's 3-pointers started dropping. And dropping. And dropping. All while Gonzaga's did quite the opposite. Ten minutes in, it was 29-10 -- Gonzaga's largest deficit of the season. The fairy tale ending was either going to end in the largest comeback of any team in a national championship game, or with a crushing loss to a team primed for sports immortality. And, well, you know the rest: Baylor 86, Gonzaga 70. 

A near-perfect season ends with a 31-1 record. A bid for perfection ... poof. Gone.