Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez underwent successful surgery on Monday to repair a fractured left clavicle. Gomez sustained the injury last week in Arizona after making a spectacular diving catch and immediately winced in pain. The center fielder sat in the Brewers' clubhouse before Tuesday's game, mingled with teammates and spoke with manager Ron Roenicke, who was glad to see Gomez back with the club. "Everything's doing really good," Gomez said. "They said if you were a normal person and not an athlete, we would not do the surgery. There's some kind of metal plate between my arm that will help me for a few weeks or so. But they say it's better for you if we do the surgery, because the bone will heal faster. In six weeks, I think I'll be available to do some stuff. ... I'm only 25, I'm supposed to heal fast." Gomez said he only wanted to see the replay of the injury once, and said he initially didn't think it looked as bad as it felt. The X-ray, which Gomez showed to reporters on his cell phone, told him all he needed to know.