Mike Napoli hardly needed any convincing when it came to staying in Boston. The slugger said repeatedly before signing a two-year deal with the Red Sox this offseason that he wanted to keep the strong bond intact. Jonny Gomes still wasn’t going to take any chances. “I don’t know how many minutes I had on my cell phone bill, but I went over. Way over. I was in his ear a lot,” Gomes told the Boston Herald’s Scott Lauber of his recruiting pitch to Napoli during the first baseman’s free agency. Gomes and Napoli, who both joined the Red Sox last offseason, became extremely close during their first year playing together. The duo spearheaded Boston’s beard movement while also demonstrating a grit and flair for the dramatic that made Red Sox Nation quickly forget about the organization’s disastrous 2012. Gomes wanted nothing more than to keep the good times rolling in 2014.