A lot of times when players sign in free agency it's all about the money. OK, most of the time it is. Fine. It's always about the money. But there can be benefits to where you sign too. Like with new Lions receiver Golden Tate. Tate said in a recent interview with the team's website Detroit's "offense is going to fit better for me" than the Seahawks offense did. “I think this offense is going to fit better for me as a player than Seattle's did,” Tate said. Well played, Mr. Tate. Well played. Not only is that a compliment to your new team but it's a mildly-veiled shot at your old one. It would seem less aggressive had Tate not called the Seahawks final offer to him "laughable." Armed with that knowledge, though, it's clear Tate holds a bit of a grudge with his former employer. Tate is serious about fitting into the offense, though. And he offered up a solid example of how he can fit new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi's offense, having watched a lot of Saints film. “I watched some tape on the Saints over the last few years and just looking at that – I haven't talked to coach Lombardi that much – I see myself being a Lance Moore type of player, but just more explosive and able to do a few more things,” Tate said. "That's exciting, because Lance Moore caught a lot of balls and he's a terrific player that did a lot for the Saints.