Over the last few months, it looked almost certain that Kevin Durant will play for a new team next season but the Golden State Warriors are still planning to keep their entire core group together.

According to Frank Isola of The Athletic, the Warriors are planning to pitch Kevin Durant into staying with a long-term deal. Durant suffered a very serious Achilles injury during Game 5 of the NBA Finals but prior to the injury, the franchise may have planned to convince him to stay.

“Durant’s state of mind is anyone’s guess. He may be upset with the Warriors medical staff and front office and could decide to bolt. The other two options would be to opt into his contract for one more season or take the financial security and sign a five-year extension with Golden State. According to a source, the Warriors were going to pitch Durant on signing long term, with the understanding that if he wanted to leave at any point during his contract the team would grant him that wish. That could still be in the works even with Durant likely to sit out most if not all of next season.”