When you think “big game” for the Utah Jazz, teams like Miami, Oklahoma City or San Antonio usually come to mind. Certainly not the Golden State Warriors, a franchise that hasn’t made the NBA playoffs in six years. However, Tuesday night’s game against Golden State may be the biggest of the year for the Jazz to date. No one knows that better than Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin, who welcomed his team back to practice Monday night at the Jazz practice facility. “You want to get the first one after the break and this is a game that can have more than just a one-loss implication going down the stretch,’’ he said. “Golden State is a team that’s going to be in the battle for the playoffs position and there’s the tie-break implications, so it can mean more than one game. You really want to do all you can to get yourself a chance to win this game.’’ The reason the game is so big is because it’s a basically worth two against a team just ahead of the Jazz in the Western Conference standings. The Warriors are 30-22, while the Jazz are 30-24. If the Jazz win, they move into a virtual tie with the Warriors for the sixth spot in the West. A loss would leave the Jazz two games behind the Warriors in the West race. The Jazz players are aware of the playoff implications of the game as well.