David Wright insisted he does not deserve to represent the Mets at Tuesday's All-Star Game. More candidly, the captain confessed Sunday morning, even if the National League needed a late replacement, he would be unable to perform. Dogged by a bruised left rotator cuff and inflammation that recently sidelined him for a week, Wright told ESPNNewYork.com he will receive a cortisone injection in the shoulder after Sunday's first-half finale. He then will spend the All-Star break "out west," allowing the shot to take effect. "So physically I'd be unable to go," Wright said. "It's not something where they've said, hey, it's going to be a week and it goes away. It's something that hopefully continues to get better, and it has. That's why hopefully these four days will do me some good as far as getting back to somewhat full strength." As for the timing of the shot, he added: "This is a last resort. I'm glad they just don't hand these things out. You want to try to naturally get better. And when it doesn't, then the plan was to get it after the game today, before the All-Star break, where I get four days of rest."