Another trade deadline passed on Thursday, and Oklahoma City Thunder General Manager Sam Presti procured more draft picks.

Over the past few seasons, Presti has accumulated 34 draft picks – 18 first-rounders and 16 second-rounders through 2027.

Presti is more active than a floor trader on a stock exchange.

Two summers ago, Presti began trading All-Stars. First, it was Paul George, then Russell Westbrook. The following year in 2020, he traded Chris Paul.

Those three trades yielded eight first-round picks. And Presti has picked up more first rounders in deals with other teams, including New Orleans, Denver, Golden State and Philadelphia.

The Thunder are apparently pleased with their stockpile of draft picks. In their gameday notes for the media, there’s a section titled “Draft Horse,” which says, “After executing an NBA record 11 trades with 15 other NBA teams during the 2020 offseason and more prior to the trade deadline, the Thunder now holds 18 first-round draft picks over the next seven years in addition to 16 second-round picks.”

The Thunder then list their first-round picks year-by-year.