Rumors about a possible C.J. Spiller are percolating thanks to the Bills signing Fred Jackson to an extension, trading for Bryce Brown and signing Anthony Dixon in free agency. But GM Doug Whaley said those rumors were just that: rumors. "We have not been contacted by any team about C.J. Spiller. These rumors are news to me," Whaley said. "It's exciting I guess to you guys because it gives you something to fill the newspaper with. Again, no one, I'll tell you guys and you know I'm a straight shooter. We have not been contacted by any teams. "I can probably see where people see our depth at running back and try to connect the dots with teams that don't have depth, but, again, nobody has contacted us." The Bills have traded a first-round running back who wasn't working out perfectly before. They dealt Marshawn Lynch to the Seahawks after Beast Mode struggled to continue the success he saw in his rookie year. That didn't work out so well for Buffalo, though it did for the Seahawks, who paid a pittance for Lynch and later signed him to a long-term deal.