Team Canada general manager Doug Armstrong said Wednesday the list of players being considered for the 2022 Men's Olympic team is already being pared down.

Armstrong, who was officially named general manager earlier this month, said discussions on the roster have been ongoing since prior to the NHL's Return to Play last summer. He added that members of the management team were first asked to build out two team rosters and have now narrowed down those lists.

“I think where we are at right now, we have a majority where we probably have 10 or 11 locks on the team,” Armstrong told The Athletic's Two-Man Advantage podcast with Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside. “That leaves up to 14 or 15 players that are in contention and there’s probably 50 guys on that list still. It’s just a whittling down process.

“You want to add guys to the locks and remove guys that are no longer in consideration and hope that list gets smaller and smaller.”