Sandy Alderson joked in November about his outfield, "What outfield?" Now, though, there is a reasonable chance the Mets may arrive at spring training with the most notable outfield additions since that comment being righty hitters Collin Cowgill and Andrew Brown. If that is the case, the Mets likely would have Lucas Duda in left field, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Mike Baxter as other lefty-hitting outfielders, and some combination of Cowgill, Brown, Brian Bixler and even infielder Justin Turner as righty-hitting outfield options. "It's conceivable we'll go with what we have, but we're still looking," Alderson told on Monday. "I wouldn't say that we're satisfied with what we have. But if we don't find what we think is a meaningful upgrade, then it's possible we'll go with what we have. Yeah." Alderson nonetheless added that free agents remain within the Mets' spending parameters that would qualify as "meaningful." He willingly acknowledged Scott Hairston falls into that category and still remains a potential re-signing. The GM painted a less-likely scenario of a trade materializing to address the outfield. "I still think there are some players out there, including Scott Hairston, who might be available as free agents," Alderson said. "A trade is always a possibility, but I wouldn't predict that. Other than that, I can't speculate what will happen. We're not unhappy with the position we're in right now, which is to say: still looking, with viable possibilities remaining."