Glen “Big Baby” Davis felt something in the Clippers locker room Thursday night at Staples Center. It had nothing to do with the unusual heat that had players and reporters sweating postgame. It didn’t even have a ton to do with the largest win in Clippers’ franchise history, which Davis and his team had just unleashed on the Lakers. No, it was something else, something strange. According the Davis, it was something “supernatural.” “It’s a special thing,” he said after the Clippers’ 142-94 victory. “It’s one of those things you can’t really describe. You can’t really put your finger on it, but it feels good. I feel it in the locker room. It’s a belief.” Davis knows this feeling because he’s been a part of it before. Playing for Coach Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics, Davis won a title in his rookie season. “It’s almost to the point of a supernatural belief,” Davis said. “We’re starting to believe, and not only believe, but put in the work. You combine the two, you’ve got a deadly combination of guys who can play the right way and who are just so athletic. “When you mix athleticism and playing the right way every time with a great coach like Doc, the sky’s the limit.” On the court, the feeling comes from a team scrambling on defense and making the extra pass on offense. Off the floor, it’s a connection and camaraderie that makes coming to work a good experience. “I feel it,” he said. Davis also feels comfortable in his role on the Clippers, even though he’s only been with the team for five games. “It’s to play as hard as I can, play at the max, do what I know I can do and stay within that,” he said. “This team is so great and I don’t have to do too much. I have to do what I can, keep it at a minimum and go out there and play defense. That’s my game. “It feels good to feel like you’re a part of something. Tonight, I’ve seen my worth, and it can only get better from here.” Thursday, Davis scored 10 points off the bench and gave the Clippers a defensive spark when he subbed in after DeAndre Jordan’s early foul trouble. “He obviously brings a, um, ginormous body, and he can really mess things up in the post,” Blake Griffin said. “He can score. He defends. He moves really well. He talks, which is huge. And, he’s been on a championship team. He’s been in Doc’s system. He knows all this.” Whether it’s taking up space on the court or explaining the supernatural vibes off of it, Davis has already started to fit in with his new team.