Could Greg Schiano return in 2014? Pewter Report in their weekly must-read SR's Fab 5 column reports that the Buccaneers owners don't want to fire Greg Schiano, and that he certainly has a good chance of returning to the team in 2014. Pewter Report is always plugged in, and they note that the Glazers believe that Schiano doesn't necessarily deserve to be fired for a slew of reasons. With Roy Cumming suggesting that Schiano has a 20-30% chance of returning this year, this is starting to become a troubling theme. Are we really starting the press campaign to keep a head coach who has yet to win a game in 2013? Is this the result of the team or owners starting to talk to local media and suggesting some reasons for Schiano to stay? Well, bullocks to that. I'm going to go through every one of Pewter Report's headline reasons why Greg Schiano could return and why the Glazers don't want to fire him. And I'm going to tear down each of those reasons. It's always fun to rant like this. The Crazy Circumstances There's no doubt that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had some unfortunate off-field issues. The truth is that aside from the contracting of MRSA, all of these off-field issues could have been avoided quite easily. The most obvious issue was a ten-month long quarterback controversy that was created by Greg Schiano himself. It started when he suggested Josh Freeman needed competition, continued when they pursued several other quarterbacks and drafted Mike Glennon, and finally culminated in one ugly split. The Bucs could have handled basically everything there with more grace. They could have cut ties earlier, they could have come out and said "this is a competition" instead of waffling about with "Josh Freeman is our quarterback". When MRSA struck, the Bucs could have just placed Lawrence Tynes on injured reserve. A move that would not have cost them much, but would have avoided a lot of negative press. They also could have handled that with a lot more transparency, something they didn't do until the second round of MRSA infections hit. A lot of the other reports surrounding the team, player leaks and negative comments from ex-players are also Greg Schiano's responsibility. He created what has repeatedly been described as an "atmosphere of fear", doesn't practice a lot of transparency to explain any of the issues fans and media have had with his team, whether it be on or off the field. As for injuries -- the Bucs have had a few, but every team deals with them. They've only lost one starter for the season so far (not counting Connor Barth), although obviously Carl Nicks' extended absence is an issue as well. But that's two starters. That's not supposed to turn a supposed playoff contender into a winless team, and it's something every team deals with. More importantly, though, you don't get to whine about crazy circumstances when you're responsible for creating them in the first place.