John Elway is 52 years old, walks on an artificial left knee and hasn't played football since Bill Clinton was president. But Elway can still beat the snot out of New England quarterback Tom Brady. In fact, Elway just did. Hurts, doesn't it, Mr. Brady? Touchdown, Broncos. Wes Welker scored on a post route so deep it took the five-time Pro Bowler all the way from New England to Denver. He agreed Wednesday to join the Broncos as a free agent. Welker was rewarded for switching teams with a two-year, $12 million deal the Patriots were reluctant to give him. Peyton Manning now has Brady's favorite little buddy as a pass-catching target. You can hear the chowderheads curse Elway all the way from here in the Rocky Mountains. This was a good get. It doesn't signal a seismic shift in the balance of NFL power, in the same way the acquistion of Manning did a year ago. Landing Welker, however, ignited the same fist pumps of celebration at Dove Valley headquarters. Why are those high-fives so significant?