Claude Giroux had a remarkable series against the Pittsburgh Penguins, accumulating six goals and eight assists that propelled him to the top of the NHL's postseason scoring list. For the three games of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the New Jersey Devils, though, it's been a very different story for Giroux. He has one goal and is a combined minus-3 through the series. Giroux has appeared absent for stretches at a time through each of the three games. He's had moments where he's looked as sharp as he did against Pittsburgh, but they're spread too far apart. On Thursday night in the Flyers' 4-3 overtime loss in Game 3, he won only 45 percent of the faceoffs he took. The issue, Scott Hartnell said, is that it seems the rest of the team is following suit "I think everyone's frustrated," Hartnell said. "I know me personally, I'm frustrated. You can tell with [Giroux] that he wants to make something happen every time he's on the ice, and I think we all know that's basically impossible. Whether it's losing a puck battle at the wrong time or whatever, it seems like it's almost contagious right now. Everybody's doing it." After the Game 3 loss, the Flyers were quick to blame themselves for the game's outcomes and for their struggles – to point fingers at what they weren't able to do or didn't do well enough. Giroux was one of the players to acknowledge the need to be better.