New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi's opinion hasn't changed 36 hour later: He still thinks Boston Red Sox starter Ryan Dempster should be suspended for hitting Alex Rodriguez with a pitch on Sunday night. Girardi is worried that if Dempster is not suspended it will be "open season" on Rodriguez. "You just can't throw at someone because you don't like him or disagree with the way something's being handled" Girardi said on Tuesday morning before the first game of the Yankees' doubleheader with the Toronto Blue Jays. Dempster threw one pitch behind A-Rod's knees on Sunday night and two more inside at Fenway Park. Then his 3-0 pitch struck Rodriguez's left elbow pad and ricocheted off his back. MLB is expected to decide Tuesday or Wednesday on any discipline for Dempster. If MLB fails to suspend Dempster Girardi is concerned that "it just makes him (Rodriguez) open season for people and that can't happen." "If a player is suspended for throwing at someone they're going to get their appeal" Girardi said. "Are we going to throw that out too? So I mean this is what's been negotiated." The "appeal" Girardi mentioned is a reference to Rodriguez's appeal of his 211-game suspension on Aug. 5 for violating baseball's drug and labor agreements. Rodriguez is allowed to play during the appeal.