It’s not as if Joe Girardi has options when it comes to right-handed-hitting outfielders, so the Yankees manager continued to start Vernon Wells in left field yesterday, hoping life returned to the bat that was hitting .301 with 10 homers on May 15. Wells rewarded Girardi with singles in his final two at-bats of a 3-1 win over the Mariners at Safeco Field that lifted his batting average to .241. He is in a 6-for-57 rut (.105) and has just one RBI in that time. “Making right turns instead of left turns [at first base], yeah, I know,’’ Wells said when asked if he was aware of the depth of the slide. “It’s never fun.’’ When the slump was in its infancy, Wells said if he worried every time he had a bad week he would have gone home a long time ago. But when it reaches 3 1/2 weeks? “You keep working and look at videos to make sure you are not getting off of what you were doing when you were successful,’’ Wells said. Girardi’s fourth outfielder is left-handed hitting first baseman Lyle Overbay, who started three straight games in right field this past week. “I still consider Vernon an everyday player,’’ Girardi said. “I may spell him a day off for Overbay, but I still think he is an everyday player.’’