The plan called for Gio Urshela to fly from his native Colombia to New York on Oct. 29 and have a bone chip surgically removed from his right elbow three days later. Until 2020 got in the way once again. 

“Then I got COVID in Colombia,” the Yankees third baseman revealed to The Post on Tuesday at a group lunch in Manhattan’s Core Club. “That’s why I had to stay there, for quarantine. I stayed there in Colombia because I got COVID.” 

He’s better now; you probably know that he underwent that procedure Friday at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and he’s spending a few weeks here undergoing treatment and partaking in some early physical therapy — and, having experienced this horrendous disease firsthand, working to prevent others in his home country from getting it. 

The 29-year-old described his novel coronavirus experience as rough but relatively brief: “I had a lot of symptoms. Fever, chills, headaches. My body felt tired. I lost my sense of smell and taste.” 

His girlfriend, Danna Delgado, a Colombian journalist, also contracted the illness, he said, although his parents, Alvaro and Uldy Urshela, with whom he lives in his home country, thankfully didn’t. He believes he caught the novel coronavirus from a friend in Colombia.