Getting to the midpoint of the regular season with a 32-9 record that has them on track for a franchise-record 64 wins has some Spurs scratching their heads. Veteran guard Manu Ginobili is perplexed that the team has thrived to such an extent because he doesn’t believe it is close to playing its best basketball. That’s a point driven home by its 1-8 record against the five best teams it has played. An amateur mathematician, the 36-year-old from Argentina said a 64-win season is not as simple as multiplying 32 times two. “I would be surprised,” said Ginobili of the prospect of a franchise record number of wins this season. “I don’t even know what the record is now. I don’t have the feeling we’re doing so well and I think of teams in the past that won 60, 62 (games). Sometimes memory plays tricks on you. Some others, the record is not a true reflection of what you are at this point. But it’s surprising that we’re at this level now.” Ginobili believes the Spurs were playing better one month ago, when they concluded a four-game West road trip with a dramatic victory over the Golden State Warriors in Oakland in a game he, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker were rested by coach Gregg Popovich. “I don’t have a great feeling about the way we are playing right now,” Ginobili said. “I did about a month ago. I think we can play so much better — so much more aggressively, share the ball better and less silly mistakes. I don’t have the feeling we are that good, even though our record shows that.” Recognizing reality is vital as the second half of the season begins with a Wednesday game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the AT&T Center, according to Ginobili.