As long as Tom Coughlin has been running the show the Giants have gone with two quarterbacks on their roster, a credit to Eli Manning’s durability and Coughlin’s intense desire not to use up a valuable spot on a player who won’t get a uniform on game day. But the NFL quarterback landscape is in a state of change and as a result the Giants, a source confirmed, next week will bring Pat White in for a visit. White, 27, is best-known as a colossal NFL bust, a 2009 second-round pick (44th overall) of the Dolphins who lasted one ineffective season before he was jettisoned. But he is a superior athlete, a former record-setting option quarterback at West Virginia – he holds the NCAA mark for rushing yards by a quarterback – and that type of player can be round in Washington with Robert Griffin III and, presumably, in Philadelphia with Chip Kelly bringing his read-option offense from Oregon to the Eagles. It seems unlikely that the Giants would devote a roster spot to White, who while possibly proving to be very valuable running the scout-team offense to give the Giants defense a challenge in practice, would not be active on game days. Also, the Giants re-signed Carr, and Coughlin has gone out of his way to praise Carr’s ability to run the option in practice.