It’s normally about bragging rights when the Jets and Giants face each other even during the preseason when the games don’t count for much more. The arrival of Rex Ryan five years ago added some juice to the intra-stadium matchup with his mandate for the Jets to become the team in New York City. We waited to see if his bluster would come true. It hasn’t. Since then the Giants have won another Super Bowl and the Jets are again in transition. As they prepare to face each other Saturday night at MetLife Stadium this year’s matchup isn’t so much about bragging rights as it is about finding solutions as each team builds toward the regular-season opener in three weeks. Tom Coughlin didn’t like much of what he saw in the Giants 20-12 loss to the Colts Sunday night. The offense was 0-for-4 in the red zone continuing a lack of efficiency when given the opportunity to score points. The coach also wasn’t happy with his secondary that failed to take advantage of at least five opportunities for interceptions. “I was disappointed in the fact that we didn’t make those plays” Coughlin said during a conference call yesterday. And there were the 10 penalties six sacks allowed and injuries to a pair of offensive starters wide receiver Victor Cruz (heel) and center David Baas (knee). It has made Coughlin edgy going into the third preseason game knowing time is running out before the Sept. 8 opener at Dallas.