A wrongful-termination lawsuit filed by Dr. Lorena Martin, the Mariners’ former high-performance director, alleges she went to team owners John Stanton and Buck Ferguson and CEO Kevin Mather as far back as March to complain about alleged discriminatory treatment.

The lawsuit, filed in King County Superior Court on Wednesday, counters claims by the team that Martin did not approach anybody with complaints of racial and gender discrimination until a few weeks before before making a series of accusatory Instagram posts last month that led to her termination. The lawsuit states Mather, after hearing Martin’s complaints that she was “being treated differently’’ by general manager Jerry Dipoto, vowed to address the matter and put a stop to what Mather viewed as bullying.

According to the suit, when Martin tried to inform Stanton by telephone about her “mistreatment” that same month — without specifying whether she mentioned gender or race directly to him —  he cut her off and said he didn’t handle such matters, and he added it was up to Mather and Dipoto to address them. The suit says Stanton also told Martin she should refrain from contacting minority-owner Ferguson about her issues.

The lawsuit claims that despite the requirements of Martin’s contract, the team severely curtailed her role and responsibilities. Martin also said that Dipoto, manager Scott Servais and player personnel director Andy McKay shared an unflattering view of Latino players.