Brandon Jacobs talked last week about the “little cyber-gangsters” who talk tough to athletes on Twitter. Now one of them has threatened his life. On the morning after he was inactive for the Giants’ first win of the season Jacobs tweeted a picture of a death threat he received from a disgruntled fantasy football player apparently named “Andre Rayner” tweeting from a now deactivated account labeled @DMMeBoo. The tweet threatened the life of Jacobs and his family if he didn’t rush for 50 yards against the Vikings. Jacobs who missed the Giants’ 23-7 win on Monday night with a hamstring injury led into the picture of the threat by writing “Look at what we deal with . . .” The threat from “Rayner” — who later changed his name on Twitter to “Pacers Going 98-0” — to Jacobs (@gatorboyrb) read “ON LIFE BRANDON IF YOU DON’T RUSH FOR 50 YARDS AND 2 TOUCHDOWNS TONIGHT ITS OVER FOR YOU AND YO FAMILY -----”. He then followed that with “FULFIL MY ORDERS STATED IN THE PREVIOUS TWEET OR THAT’S YO LIFE BRUH AND IM NOT PLAYING”. According to a Giants spokesman the tweets were referred to NFL security. An NFL spokesman declined comment on the matter. “Rayner” appeared to eventually show some remorse about what he indicated wasn’t a serious threat. At first after Jacobs tweeted a picture of the threats on Tuesday morning “Rayner” responded by tweeting “Brandon Jacobs really subtweeted me like a hoe”. But then he backed off and even begged for Jacobs’ forgiveness. “BRO RELAX ITS NEVER THAT SERIOUS...” he wrote. “ITS JUST TWITTER MAN. I TRUELY APOLOGIZE I COULD NEVER ACTUALLY DO THAT. RETWEET THIS PLEASE” “FORGIVE ME MAN ITS NOT EVEN LIKE THAT... REALLY IM TRYNA BE YOUR FRIEND !!” After tweeting that he was planning to change his Twitter handle and that he didn’t expect Jacobs to read his tweet “Rayner” — who described himself on his account as a “Ball State University -----” — wrote again to Jacobs: “BRUH STOP PLAYING ... YOU KNOW THAT AINT SERIOUS AND I APOLOGIZE. PLEASE ACCEPT ?” “BRANDON.. CAN YOU AT LEAST TALK ABOUT IT TO ME I REALLY DIDNT MEAN IT” Then finally after apparently deactivating his account for a few hours “Rayner” reappeared in an apparent panic tweeting “I AM DEEPLY SORRY OH MY GOD THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN WTF I DIDNT MEAN ANYTHING THAT I SAID PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP @gatorboyrb” Then he added “@gatorboyrb I AM LITERALLY BEGGING YOU RIGHT NOW ... LIKE IM SCARED AF MAN PLEEEEEAASSSEEE MAKE THIS STOP … I literally cannot do anything else but just hope nothing happens deactivate and hope it drifts away”. Jacobs has yet to respond to those pleas. But on a conference call with reporters Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he was “concerned” about something that has “no business or no place in professional athletics amateur athletics or whatever. “You’re always concerned about the player and his family” Coughlin said. “And for young people to have to worry about something like that it’s not necessary. It’s not a part of what we do. I’m not going to speculate on social media. I’m just concerned about however this would be revealed that it’s wrong and it has no business in our game.”