There was a slight problem yesterday at the end of practice: Eli Manning scored too quickly. A training camp two-minute drill is supposed to last longer than 10 seconds but this one did not. The clock read 1:14 the ball was placed on the 31-yard line and the objective was for Manning to drive the offense into field goal range. Manning waited until tight end Brandon Myers found room to run after safety Antrel Rolle defending against Myers released him. Was Rolle supposed to get help? Not sure but Myers was left wide open and Manning hit him in stride. Safety Stevie Brown came over but Myers had already moved well within field goal range and as he raced into the end zone the offensive erupted and the practice ended. That’s not the way it’s drawn up. Ideally Tom Coughlin wants to see a drive so he can evaluate a number of plays. But when the offense gets it done on one play well what’s a head coach to do? “There are two sides to that’’ Coughlin said. “What is the objective? The objective is to get the ball to a certain point for a field goal. They got it there so now what am I going to do? Change the objective? Change the game? Change the rules? I don’t usually do that.’’ It was the first real bust-out play from Myers who caught 79 passes last season for the Raiders. The Giants hope he can be a down-the-field threat but in the first week of camp his receptions were short and intermediary catches.